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This Company Has It’s Act Together…

I am a homeowner in Katy, Texas. Like the rest of the community, I recently suffered severe hail damage to my home at 20715 Medallion Pointe Drive. Many roofing companies have approached me in the last few days with flyers, brochures, and even knocking on my door. I happened to meet a representative from a company by the name of Holden Roofing over the weekend. After spending time with the representative, I realized that the damage was much more severe than I had first thought. He explained to me, in detail, the importance of meeting with my insurance adjuster, instead of having the adjuster come out alone and me taking multiple bids. Everyone realizes that they have damage on their roof; I could see that my roof was damaged even by standing in the street. The Holden Roofing representative showed me a Consultation and Assistance Agreement, which I was hesitant in signing at first. He then explained to me how many insurance adjusters Holden Roofing meets with each year in the state of Texas. I decided to go with Holden Roofing, despite never having dealt with the company before.

The insurance adjuster showed up and met with my representative from Holden Roofing. Together they got on my roof, surveyed the damage, negotiated my claim and came down the ladder with the news that I would be receiving a whole new roof. They started walking around the house and pointing here and there assessing other damage. To make a long story short, I feel very fortunate to have met with Holden Roofing because the additional damage that was pointed out by the Holden Roofing representative added up to a considerable amount of money which I would have never discovered without him. There is no question  that this company has it’s act together and has years of experience in this field. The representative came up to me with credentials that seemed to be second to none. My wife and I would personally recommend that you contact a Holden Roofing representative to meet with your insurance adjuster.

P.S.  A special thanks again to my new friends at Holden Roofing for exceeding my expectations, just as you advertised. I look forward to referring all my friends and family to this outstanding company; as I have to you.

Holden Roofing Reviews Houston – Stan Medlar

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