Stellar Job replacing my roof…

Dear Mr. Holden:
I want to commend your company for the stallar job done on replacing my roof.  At first it appeared the insurance company was going to refuse the claim.  Thankfully Mr. Stan Medlar was your representative and he stayed with it until the insurance company settled to my complete satisfaction.
The roof that had to be replaced was a state of the art Aluminum roof that was not available.  A steel roof was approved and is most satisfactory.
The old cedar shingles were still on the roof, under the roofing felt and aluminum shingles.  All of this had to be removed and new materials applied.  The reason for detailing this is that your roofers could not have been more professional   The old material was removed without damaging any plants in beds below.  The work was completed in a timely fashion as explained in the beginning.
Thank you for such a professional job and for Mr. Medlar.  I really doubt there could have been a satisfactory conclusion without him.
Sincerely yours,
C. Couch 

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