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Roofers Did An Amazing Job

In the middle of December 2011 we noticed stain marks on our ceilings. A spot over the sink actually started falling in. We called our insurance company and they sent an adjuster to check on our roof. His estimate was only $1200; and that was $1000 for the inside and only$200 for the roof!

We were shocked and couldn’t believe the amount that they were going to give us for the leaking roof. We then called Holden Roofing and you sent Stan Medlar out to give us an estimate. He checked out the roof and took alot of pictures. He said there were many places that was causing the roof to leak, and that the insurance company needed to send out another adjuster. Stan called them and met with the new adjuster and went on the roof with him and pointed out all the spots that the first adjuster missed. Stan also talked to the our insurance people and we ended up having the roof replaced. If not for Stan, we wouldn’t have gotten the new roof and it would have kept leaking. Stan talked to the insurance company and mortgage company, for us because we had no idea what to do as it was so complicated. The roofers were professional and did an amazing job. The clean up was so good that we couldn’t even tell they had been there.

We appreciate Stan very much for doing such a fantastic job. As soon as he walked in the house he made us feel like we were old friends. We trusted him right away and his concern was sincere. I certainly will recommend Holden Roofing and Stan Medlar to everyone.

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