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Recent work done on my home…

On Friday, a roofing crew from Holden Roofing replaced the wind turbine on the 2nd story of my garage and the power ventilator on my main home.  About an hour after the job was completed I noticed the upstairs of my home was hot.  I checked the A/C thermostat and it said 80 degrees.  I turned the thermostat down to 65 and the A/C did not come on.  I then called my A/C company and they came out about 2 hours later.  After a $65 emergency fee, I was told there was no power coming to the upstairs furnace blower.
Since I knew the power ventilator was wired through the same switch as the upstairs furnace, I immediately suspected the ventilator had been wired incorrectly.  
I called your office, and they in turn called one of your representatives, who lives across Hwy 6 from where I live.  He came to my house around 9:30 pm Friday.  He confirmed the power ventilator wiring error, and corrected the problem with everything working properly.  Although it was a frustrating experience, I really appreciate the quick response that I received, especially given the time of my call on a Friday night.
I have used Holden on several roofing jobs (not a complete roof), and based on this recent experience I will continue to use Holden and refer Holden to my friends.  Mistakes can and will be made, the the effort to correct the problem was exceptional.
Thank You.

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