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To whom it may concern:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the OUTSTANDING service I received when you replaced the roof of my house.  I have had different contractors repairing issues over the years, but let me say that I have never enjoyed working with a company as much as I did with Holden Roofing.  Especially, with our representative from your company; he was always aware of the repairs and he kept me informed about the whole process.  He went beyond his responsibilities to guarantee I was satisfied with every step of the work.  He was available at all times to answer my questions and to coordinate and discuss the roof damage with the adjuster of the insurance company.  He is the type of person who cares for what he does and for the customer, not the kind who just rushes to finish a job to receive payment and move on to the next assignment.  It is so good to see that there are still a few people who really really care for others.  
Thank you so much for all what you do and keep up the outstanding job.
J. Campos

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