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Negotiated total roof replacement for our home



June 17, 2013


To whom it may concern.


Please accept this letter of recommendation for Mr. Stan Medlar of Holden Roofing, Inc.  Mr. Medlar was successfully able to work with our insurance carrier to negotiate total roof replacement for our home.  The damage of our home was due to a large hailstorm that resulted in full replacements for nearly all homes in our neighborhood; however, our insurance provider was not initially open to the recommendation for a full roof replacement.  Mr. Medlar worked with the insurance company and adjusters on our behalf, which was not an easy task.  The process was long, but Mr. Medlar was always on top of the situation, communicating with the insurance company and adjusters, and always keeping us up-to-date with progress along the way.  He was able to convince our insurance provider to allow for a 3rd party inspection, which resulted in the same recommendation as Holden Roofing, a full replacement.  We greatly appreciate all of his hard work, and are thankful for the time and effort he put into getting our home taken care of.

The work done on the roof was taken care of very quickly, and is of top quality.  We are extremely pleased.  The crew was very friendly and efficient;  they completed the whole job in less than a day.  The area was completely cleaned of all scraps and stray nails, and we felt confident knowing that Mr. Medlar was overseeing the operation.

Mr. Medlar worked with us on the issued insurance checks as well, which presented some complications at the bank due to the names printed on them.  He guided us all the way to the end, making sure we knew what to expect and how to handle all the complications that arose.

I would highly recommend Mr. Stan Medlar of Holden Roofing, Inc. to anybody in need of roofing work.  He was a pleasure to work with, professional in every regard, and a true representative of quality work.




Jeremy C. Nicholson

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