Letter of feedback reference Charles Stetzel an employee of Holden Roofing

Letter of feedback reference Charles Stetzel, an employee of Holden Roofing, Incorporated

To Mr. Brett Holden, President of Holden Roofing, Incorporated

The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge a truly outstanding individual from your company, and to inform you how lucky your organization is to have Charles Stetzel working for it.

Holden Roofing would have never had the opportunity to earn my insurance dollars if Charles Stetzel hadn’t showed up in my garden while I was cutting my grass in March 2014. He discussed with me what he and his company could do for me reference the hail damage on my roof.

The ultimate compliment I could give Charles Stetzel is that if needed for another roofing job in my home, I would not hesitate to call him again. I am certain that he is a guaranteed
success at whatever he does. I would gladly have him as part of my team anytime, anywhere!

Credibility: I am sure that any successful organization requires an employee who possesses a set of skills and talent, and Charles has skills and talent in abundance. He is credible, competent and trustworthy, with a high degree of self-confidence and initiative. He possesses excellent communication skills, and knows how to produce a team effort. Charles exceeded my roofing and painting expectations superbly.

Trust: Charles has earned my unquestioning trust, as well as that of my family and others in the area. Charles brought together his crew to form a cohesive, efficient and organized team of highly motivated and over-achieving roofers and painters (sub-contractors), ultimately delivering a quality roof/painting projects and bringing great credit upon Holden Roofing, Incorporated, the workers and himself.

Competence: Charles and his crew did a professional job installing a new roof on my home. I called Charles and he came over the same day at the exact time he stated (punctuality appreciated!) He reviewed the conditions for the job at hand, made excellent recommendations, and quoted me a fair price. We agreed on a time for installation, and once again, his punctuality was appreciated. Charles and his crew arrived with all the material and tools they needed, something I have noticed that not all professionals do. Charles and his crew were professional,
courteous, and very careful in ensuring that they completed the job without damaging any of my property.

I specifically selected Charles based on my research of his previous roofing work in the area. One could argue that he is by far the best roofing regional sales manager his company has. Charles possesses an abundance of leadership values, but also channeled them through his workers. He continually provided individual instruction and guidance to the workers assigned to my roof/painting projects that was required to meet or exceed my standard.

Charles is never satisfied until a job is done “right.” He accepts the need to put in extra time when necessary in order to achieve, and surpass, the standard. He is a truly first class operator within the roofing realm.

Communication Skills: He continuously displayed his unique ability to communicate with me and earned my respect as well.

Self-Confidence: Charles’ self-confidence is evident because he has the capabilities for doing a job as well as or better than others. More importantly, he sees himself able to accomplish anything that he needs or wants to achieve. This confidence enables Charles to pursue
Challenging objectives on his own or through the insurance company. Because he possesses a “global” confidence about himself, he is comfortable with looking at himself honestly – weaknesses as well as strengths, accepting responsibility for mistakes and learning from them.

Initiative: He always follows up until every last detail is determined to be to his and to my satisfaction. The outcome of his initiative is that there are fewer crises and problems erupting, and ultimately greater progress and improvement occurring.

Team Effort: I observed on my home roof project that Charles is very effective at managing others in work that requires a team and/or coordinated efforts between a number of workers. Charles effectively manages the work of others without stating his authority or power over them. Charles accomplishes this by building a team spirit. He gets others to realize that they all must work together to accomplish their mutual or individual objectives. He gets people involved by obtaining their input and by motivating them to participate and work toward achievement of the end state a high quality roof installed that the customer is totally satisfied with Charles is a master at this process.

Role Model: These traits rolled up into one individual make for an impressive salesman that receives constant laudatory comments from customers not just from me, but from other customers in my area. In short, Charles is the epitome of what an roofing salesman should be.
He understands that personal involvement and individual commitment are the cornerstones to any successful organization. He knows each of his crew’s abilities, limitations, and desires, and integrates this knowledge to obtain the best possible results on their roof for the customer.

Charles consistently displayed superior performance without equal and personifies all of the leadership qualities that any successful organization or roofing customer would require.


Danny F. Tilzey, COL (USA Retired)

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