I had no idea what roofing company to call…Holden Roofing came to our rescue!



To Whom It May Concern:


In early March 2013, we experienced inclement weather that brought winds in excess of 50 MPH for a duration of almost twenty-four hours.  This weather system resulted in roof damage that removed shingles from many areas of the roof of my house.


To make matters worse, there was the threat of rainy weather in the days to come.  I contacted four roofing companies as I did not wish to waste any time in ensuring my roof was repaired without delay.  As this was new to me, I had no idea what roofing company to call and I can admit that I felt somewhat uneasy of the task ahead.  A co-worker of mine, who has knowledge of facility maintenance, mentioned the name of Holden Roofing, Inc. and spoke highly of the company’s work quality and customer service.


Whereas, I had to leave messages at three of the companies that I first contacted, Diana at Holden Roofing, Inc. took my call on the first attempt.  Diana quickly impressed me with her friendliness and patience.  At no time during our conversation, did I feel rushed or hurried.  Diana may have won me over as a customer right then and there.  She stated that I would be getting a call from a representative named Charles.  Within about twenty-four hours, Charles did contact me on my cell phone to discuss the situation with my roof.  I made arrangements for Charles to meet with me later that week on Friday evening.  However, on Thursday we began to experience rainy conditions, and Charles contacted me that morning and offered to get a crew to my house to install a temporary tarp to protect the areas missing the shingles.  I was quite impressed with this offer and we made a gentleman’s agreement to install the tarp.  The tarp provided protection against any further damage until the roof repair could begin.


I did meet with Charles on Friday as we had planned and he explained the process so I would know what to expect.  On the subject of payment, he mentioned that I would not be responsible for “one penny” more than my deductible.  I had to ask, “What if my insurance company balks at the final price…then what?”  Again, Charles stated that I would not be responsible for any amount beyond my deductible.  We scheduled the re-roofing of my house for the following Saturday, and I was told the crew would not need access to the interior of my house during the project.


In the aftermath, I can honestly say that my experience with Holden Roofing, Inc. was one of my most satisfying that I have enjoyed with any roofing company.  In this day and age, when many companies have lost customer service as their number one priority, Holden Roofing, Inc. impressed me with the best customer service, reliability in their scheduling, and their sense of urgency to serve me.   I might mention that the other three companies did not contact me for another week or more after my initial calls and at least one of those companies did not call me until my roof had already been repaired.


In closing, I would like to compliment Diana for her friendliness and patience each and every time we spoke.  Diana reminded me of many years ago when everyone understood the value of being friendly and honest.  I thought I should let you know that Charles S. was simply outstanding in helping me and he has to be one of the best representatives in the business.  I am one satisfied customer and I will always refer my friends and family to Holden Roofing Company, any time there is the need for roofing service.



Rene Guajardo

Pflugerville, Texas

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