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Helped us with a declined claim…

Dear Mr. Holden,
Are you aware that you have an incredibly outstanding representative working for you?  His name is Shelby Megarity, and we had the recent pleasure of working with him.  Shelby went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to customer service including but not limited to being extremely knowledgeable about the various Owens Corning products, explaining how the whole insurance claims process will work (this is our first roof replacement), and exercising punctuality and great communication.
Originally, my adjuster declined our claim, so I sent an email to Liberty Mutual on a Thursday afternoon stating our dissatisfaction.  On Friday evening around 6ish, the adjuster called me back to say he wanted to stob back by and take another look first thing Saturday morning.  My friend just happened to be over when I received the adjuster’s phone call and recommended I contact her Holden Roofing representative, Shelby.  I immediately called Shelby and explained the situation.  I inquired if there was any possibility he would be willing and able to meet with my adjuster first thing the next morning and help us hopefully negotiate a new roof.  Shelby was awesome!!!  He told me he would have to rearrange a couple of previously-scheduled appointments but he would be here.  Not only did he say he’d come, he arrived early to go over the procedure with me and waited for the adjuster.  As “they” say, the rest is history!
In addition to his willingness to accommodate us on such short notice, he exercised great patience with me when I mistakenly thought I had received the paperwork from the insurance company when in actuality it was only the check.  Shelby drove over and informed me ever so politely that my check was not the same as the statement of loss – a total blonde moment for me!  He never once acted annoyed or irritated that my mistake cost him a wasted trip to our home.
Shelby is professional, knowledgeable, communicates clearly, and had great follow up with us.  We will certainly recommend him to any friends or neighbors who might also be in need of a new roof or roof repairs.  Holden Roofing is fortunate to have someone of Shelby’s caliber.
L. & A. Nix

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