From Aransas Pass, TX

Mr. Holden,
My name is M. Sullinger, and I live in Aransas Pass, Texas.  We recently had hail damage to our home, and I was fortunate enough to come in contact with one of your sales representatives.   I cannot say enough good things about your Sales Representative to do him justice.  I do not write many letters or brag on many individuals or companies, but in this case my wife and I could not let this go without expressing our thoughts.  Your Representative went above and beyond what was called for in helping us with our roof damage.   I have dealt with many contractors and companies over the years as a city manager here in Aransas Pass, and I can truthfully say Holden Roofing is one of the best if not the best company I have dealt with.  The roof work was performed with as much care and professionalism as I have seen.  We want to thank you and your company for using such great people, and doing the fine job you did on our house.
Thanks again,
M. and G. Sullinger

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