September 24, 2013

Mr. Joyce:

My name is Troy Allison, I own two (2) companies; Sundance Shale Leasing and I’m a partner in Adapt Energy and we, as your company obviously does, preach to our employees that “CUSTOMER SERVICE”, from the time our customers make initial contact with us, all the way through our follow-up with them that their “customer experience” with us, will be nothing short of exceptional.

We strive to ensure and teach our employees that without superior customer service, we are potentially mediocre and mediocre is not in our vocabulary.

I recently called Holden Roofing to repair a “minor” roofing problem I had. And I say minor, because the sum total of my roofing repair was only $295.00, your minimum charge. And, that was the sum total of the money your company earned to repair my roof.

Stan Medlar came to my house, gave me an estimate and told me he would be back with a crew to do the repairs and gave me a date and time your crew would return. I misunderstood his instructions and I have to admit, being in my senior years and having a memory such that I can hide my own Easter eggs, I wasn’t home when they arrived.

The repairs were in my back yard. They set up their ladders in my front yard, climbed over the roof to the rear of the house and repaired my roof. When I returned, there was a message from Stan that they had been there and I wasn’t home.

I called Stan to apologize and reset the appointment. Stan advised me to go to the back of the house and view the repair, I was truly “blown-away” that I had forced your crew to set-up in the front of my house, not in the back, where the repairs were required and that I had inconvenienced them and that because of my absence, had put your crew in jeopardy.

The repair was nothing short of perfect. Matching the tiles perfectly and having to climb from the front of the house to the rear, all for $295.00 was beyond belief….

Bravo Stan Medlar and the Holden Roofing Crew……You folks are truly professionals. If I EVER have roofing repairs in the future, I will know who to call. Your name will be forwarded to “ANGIE’S LIST” with my recommendations.

THANK YOU STAN MEDLAR…. Job well done, my old friend……



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