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Completely awesome…

Let me say “Thanks” for everything although I will add that my gratitude cannot be expressed in one single word even if it were stated several times.  I do not write many letters of “praise”, but I just had to where your services are concerned.  I think you have been completely awesome.
I can’t believe how great you were during my entire roofing process.  I dreaded it, because it seems that there is always bad service and problems that arise when most people undertake home improvement projects.  I usually hate contractors by the time the repair process is complete.  Especially with all of the so-called roofing contractors that have deceived countless people.  
I am so glad my dad remembered a sign that was in a yard across the street that said “Holden Roofing.”  I am so glad we called Holden Roofing.  
Expecting to pay completely out of pocket while unemployed, Holden found wind damage, helped me file my claim, worked personally with the windstorm adjuster, and although you probably state the same information to everyone, you explained every step in lay terms and I want you to know I appreciate it.  
I would probably have just hired Holden Roofing and paid completely out of pocket.  You could have just taken my money.  Instead, you saved me at least $5,000.  Please use me as a reference.  You have my permission to give anyone you feel is serious about using Holden Roofing my cellphone number.
R. Juarez

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