After the recent hail storm experienced in Brazoria County…

Dear Brett and Travis,

After the recent hail storm experienced in Brazoria County, many homes were damaged by hail and needed new  roofs.  There were many companies trying to acquire my business days after the storm, which made the decision process more difficult.

As you are aware, there are many non-reputable roofing companies with strong marketing tactics, which caught many neighbors off guard.    Since I had a high deductible policy, I did my due diligence and proceeded to get three roofing bids from companies local to my area.

As it turns out, I decided to allow Holden Roofing to provide one final bid after speaking to a neighbor.   I might mention, that prior to meeting with Cody Joyce, I had already decided who was going to re-roof my home.

After doing a walk through with Cody and covering all aspects of the job, I was reconsidering my decision on which company to use.   During the following 2 weeks, I contact Cody on various concerns regarding gutters, shingle brands, color, job timing, etc., and Cody promptly responded to all my questions without hesitation.  In fact, Cody was the only individual from all the companies who answered my questions.

I wanted to commend and thank Cody Joyce for his excellent customer service and attention to detail during this project.  Had it not been for Cody’s expertise and commitment, I would not have chosen Holden Roofing for the job.

The professionalism, technical expertise and excellent customer service demonstrated by Cody Joyce is what differentiates Holden Roofing hands down from their competitors.

PS. Vampiro and his crew were excellent.  His crew completed my home in 9hrs and left it in perfect shape.

Eddy and Cindy Garcia-Meitin

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