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A Class Act By Holden Roofing…!

April 26, 2012




I contracted with Holden Roofing to replace the roof on my home, including installing ridge vents and new exhaust vents. I was totally satisfied with the job they did. Everything was handled very professionally, from beginning to end.


Stan Medlar was my first contact with Holden Roofing. I hope the company appreciates what a great asset they have in him. Stan was so easy to work with and kept me advised at all times. What impressed me the most was the over and beyond attitude he had. In addition to measuring and estimating materials and labor, Stan made an inspection of my attic to be sure nothing in there would be impacted by the work to be done. He discovered that a Freon line (installed by my A/C company last year) was too close to the roof. It would be in danger of possible puncture when the shingles were nailed in. I was able to get my A/C contractor out to lower the line before the roof installation. This probably saved me quite a bit in lost time and money if they had punctured the line. The A/C maintenance man was quite impressed that a roofing company even bothered to look at such a thing. And so was I!


I can say that everything went smoothly after that. The materials were delivered on the day they were supposed to be delivered and placed in the location that Stan and I had agreed on. The workers showed up on time to do the work and worked very hard to get my roof done in one day.


The other thing that impressed me was the fact that they put out tarps around my house to catch most of the debris and used magnetic rollers afterwards to pick up all those pesky nails that dropped off the roof.


I hope I don’t have to put another roof on this house, but if I do, I will be calling Stan Medlar and Holden Roofing! Both of them are class acts.






Sherry C. Bradbury

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