Holden Roofing has replaced many roofs in my neighborhood

I’m writing this letter on behalf of Jarrod Adreon and Holden Roofing. I called Holden after repairs were made on my roof by a company my insurance company recommended. Holden Roofing has replaced many roofs in my neighborhood and continues to do so. It was after I researched them thoroughly that I decided I should have them perform an inspection of my roof. Why? Because I had a feeling that things were not right.

My insurance company had stated that there was no hail damage but that the rubber pipe jacks had deteriorated and should be replaced with lead. The work was not covered by insurance, but I chose to take care of the repairs immediately because I didn’t want to find water leaking into my house. A few damaged shingles were also located and were to be replaced at the same time.

When Jarrod inspected my roof, he found shoddy workmanship plus a pile of shingles and a caulking gun that had been left on the roof. He said that I may not have needed a new roof prior to the ‘repairs’, but that I certainly did then.

When Allstate and the president of the roofing company returned to take a look at my roof, Jarrod was on the roof with them. He spoke for me, representing me well. And even though Allstate was reluctant to agree to a new roof in the beginning, Jarrod advocated for me and they admitted that a new roof was in order.

I can’t thank Jarrod enough for helping me get justice. My new roof has not yet been installed, but it will be soon. I’m so very glad I made that phone call and that Jarrod was the one who answered my call. I am so grateful.

Thank you, Jarrod.

Marcia Fife

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